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Table 1 Effects of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on cholinergic parameters

From: Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids improve cholinergic transmission in the aged brain

Model PUFA Duration Effect References
SHRSP rats, 6 weeks old DHA 1% or 5% (w/w) of diet 14 weeks Increased ACh in hippocampus and cortex [41]
Wistar rat, 18 months 75 mg DHA/ 100 g diet 3 months Increased basal and evoked ACh in hippocampus [22]
Wistar rat, weanling 2 or 3 g DHA/kg diet 2–3 months Higher maximal ACh release, lower basal release in hippocampus
No effect on AChE
CFY rats, weanling Coconut, mustard, groundnut, safflower oil 20% (w/w) of diet 16 weeks Safflower and mustard oil lowered AChE activity in synaptosomes of cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem [33]
Wistar rats, 10 weeks old 300 mg DHA/ kg body weight 12 weeks No change in cortical synaptic plasma membrane AChE activity [34]
Sprague–Dawley rats, young adult Safflower oil 38% kcal of diet; fish oil 36% kcal of diet 8 weeks Safflower oil decreased M2/M4 receptor expression in striatum and hippocampus [26]