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Table 1 Genes investigated

From: Gene regulation in β-sitosterol-mediated stimulation of adipogenesis, glucose uptake, and lipid mobilization in rat primary adipocytes

Gene name and abbreviation Assay ID Accession number
Protein kinase B (Akt) Rn00583646_m1 NM_033230.1
Glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) Rn00562597_m1 NM_012751.1
Hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) Rn00689222_m1 NM_012859.1
Phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (PI3 K) Rn00564547_m1 NM_013005.1
  1. General abbreviation of genes selected for this study and corresponding assay ID and accession information are available on Applied Biosystems website ( Assay ID refers to the “Applied Biosystems Gene Expression Assays” inventoried kit with proprietary primer and TaqMan® probe mix. Assay ID with “Rn” prefix denotes “Rattus norvegicus”. All gene expression assay kits used were FAM/MGB probed. Eukaryotic 18S rRNA was used as the endogenous control