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Table 1 Overview of metagenomic studies of the human intestinal microbiota

From: Intestinal microbiota in human health and disease: the impact of probiotics

Nationality of individuals Number of individuals Sequencing technology Total length of sequences obtained (Gb) References
American 2 Sanger 0.2 Gill et al. (2006)
Japanese 13 Sanger 0.727 Kurokawa et al. (2007)
American 18 454 FLX Titanium 2.14 Turnbaugh et al. (2009)
European (Danish or Spanish) 124 Solexa (Illumina) 576.7 MetaHIT Qin et al. (2010)
European 20 Sanger 2.6 Genescope
French 49 SoliD 200 INRA