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Table 1 Comparison between various types of obesogenic diets, and indication of various studies that have used them, as well as the animal model utilized and main results obtained

From: High-fat and obesogenic diets: current and future strategies to fight obesity and diabetes

Diet Model Effect References
HFD Rat Hepatic insulin resistance Samuel et al. (2004)
   Hepatic fat deposition  
MCD Mouse Proinflammatory gene expression Lee et al. (2007)
   Hepatic steatosis  
HFD Mouse Hyperleptinemia Wang et al. (2002)
   Decreased NPY gene expression  
MCD Rat High cholesterol in serum Hussein et al. (2007)
   Hepatic steatosis  
HFD Rat Insulin resistance Buettner et al. (2006)
   Pronounced obesity  
HFrD Various Insulin resistance Basciano et al. (2005)
MCD Mouse Hepatic steatosis Sahai et al. (2004)
   Increase in inflammatory factors expression  
MCD Mouse No obesity Rinella and Green (2004)
   No insulin resistance  
MCD   Hepatocellular damage Pickens et al. (2010)
+ HFrD   Hepatic steatosis  
CD Rat Hepatic steatosis Fujita et al. (2010)
   Hepatic fibrosis  
CD Rat Hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction Teodoro et al. (2008)
   Increased triglyceride hepatic deposition  
CDAA   Heightened oxidative stress Takeuchi-Yorimoto et al. (2013)