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Table 5 Overview of modulated processes for OPGLTT and OLTT challenge tests differing in macronutrient composition and fatty acid type

From: Phenotypic flexibility as a measure of health: the optimal nutritional stress response test

Organ system Process 60 E% FAT 70 E% CAR SFA MFA PUFA
Gut Incretin production     
Adipose tissue Lipolysis   b b
Lipokine and adipokine production    
Systemic stress response Systemic insulin sensitivity a   
Chronic low-grade inflammation a   
Metabolic flexibility    ↑↑ ↑↑↑
Liver Lipoprotein production a a,b b
Vasculature Vascular flexibility    ↓↓b ↓↓b
Oxylipin response    ↑↑
  1. aDifferential response between healthy and sub-optimal healthy subjects
  2. bInconsistency in literature