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Table 2 Linkage peaks with a LOD score >2

From: Linkage and association analysis of circulating vitamin D and parathyroid hormone identifies novel loci in Alaska Native Yup’ik people

Chromosome bands Peak LOD score Start SNP End SNP Genomic region
 2p16.2–2p12 4.25 rs1483869 rs741418 52,906,147–75,363,186
 10p13–10p12.1 2.52 rs873849 rs638324 14,509,807–27,730,261
 22q13.1–22q13.31 2.17 rs138383 rs929090 38,799,861–44,313,849
Parathyroid hormone     
 3q25.32–3q26.32 2.48 rs6799097 rs6443567 158,811,068–178,427,716
 14q12–14q22.1 2.93 rs7149108 rs735265 32,962,300–52,120,264
 17p13.1–17p11.2 2.15 rs9217 rs1037037 7,363,088–18,765,021