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Table 3 Significant associations under the linkage peaks

From: Linkage and association analysis of circulating vitamin D and parathyroid hormone identifies novel loci in Alaska Native Yup’ik people

SNP Chr Gene P (additive)a P (full)b χ 2 (LRT)c P (LRT)c
 rs10205487/rs897119d 2 MXD1 0.22 0.0006 18.15 0.0004
 rs10828183 10 NEBL 0.0005 0.004 3.18 0.37
Parathyroid hormone       
 rs1353894 3 FNDC3B 0.03 0.0008 14.21 0.003
  1. a P value for the model including age, sex, community group, δ15N quartiles, and additive genotype
  2. b P value for the model including all of the above plus the interaction term between the additive genotype and δ15N quartiles
  3. cChi-square statistic and P value for the likelihood ratio test comparing the additive model with the full model
  4. drs10205487 and rs897119 were found to be in perfect linkage disequilibrium, with identical estimates of association signal