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Table 2 Adipogenesis promoting miRNAs

From: Role of microRNAs in obesity and obesity-related diseases

miRNA Target/process Reference
miR-17 Rb2/p130 [176]
miR-21 TGF-β signaling pathway [88]
miR-26b Adipogenic differentiation by inhibiting PTEN. Levels are reduced in the visceral adipose tissue [81, 177]
miR-30 Modulation of RUNX2, a key regulator of osteogenesis [178]
miR-103 MEF2D. AKT/mTOR signal pathway [179]
miR-143 MAPK signaling pathway. Glucose homeostasis [180]
miR-146b SIRT1-induced deacetylation of FOXO1 [181]
miR-148a Wnt signaling pathway [182]
miR-181 TNF-α [183]
miR-199a Smad1 [184]
miR-204 Runx2 [185]
miR-210 Wnt signaling pathway [65]
miR-320 RUNX2 [186]
miR-371 Epigenetic modifications. Adipogenic differentiation [187]
miR-375 ERK1/2 signaling pathway [77]
miR-378 Adipocyte development and differentiation [188]
miR-637 Sp7 [189]