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Table 1 Prefix and URL of the ontology of origin of the classes imported in ONS

From: ONS: an ontology for a standardized description of interventions and observational studies in nutrition

  Prefix No. of terms in ONS URL
Basic Formal Ontology BFO 45
Chemical Entities of Biological Interest CHEBI 14
Clinical Measurement Ontology CMO 5
EMBRACE Data And Methods Ontology EDAM 12
Experimental Factor Ontology EFO 30
eagle-i Research Resource Ontology ERO 2
Food Ontology FOODON 2809
Human Phenotype Ontology HP 2
The Information Artifact Ontology IAO 63
Informed Consent Ontology ICO 5
NCBITaxon ontology NCBITaxon 17
The NCI Thesaurus NCIT 26
Ontology of Biological and Clinical Statistics OBCS 5
Ontology for Biomedical Investigations OBI 265
Ontology for Biobanking OBIB 4
Ontology for General Medical Science OGMS 11
The Ontology of Host-Microbiome Interactions OHMI 4
Ontological Minimum Information About BIobank data Sharing OMIABIS 3
The Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities OMRSE 1
The Semanticscience Integrated Ontology SIO 33
STATistics Ontology STATO 4
An ontology of units of measurements UO 18