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Table 2 Estimating average relative heritable gene expression variation

From: Altered macronutrient composition and genetics influence the complex transcriptional network associated with adiposity in the Collaborative Cross

  CC strain Diet CC strain × diet
Variance POV (%) Variance POV (%) Variance POV (%)
All expressed genes 0.069 30.3 0.007 3.9 0.004 2.6
Diet DEGs 0.055 26.2 0.033 18.7 0.004 2.6
Strain DEGs 0.083 36.0 0.007 3.9 0.004 2.6
  1. To estimate the relative heritable variation that can be attributed to genetics, environment (diet), and gene × environmental effects, linear mixed model analyses with CC strain, diet, and CC strain × diet interactions all as random effects were performed to quantify the proportions of variance (POV) attributed to each term relative to each other for the 11,542 expressed genes used in limma differential gene expression analysis. The mean approximate values for proportion of variance for strain, diet, and interaction were calculated by dividing the variance for each term by the sum of the variance for all terms in the model and multiplied by 100