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Erratum to: Fasting enriches liver triacylglycerol with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: implications for understanding the adipose–liver axis in serum docosahexaenoic acid regulation

  • Kristin A. Marks1, 2,
  • Phillip M. Marvyn1,
  • Juan J. Aristizabal Henao2,
  • Ryan M. Bradley1,
  • Ken D. Stark2 and
  • Robin E. Duncan1Email author
Genes & NutritionStudying the relationship between genetics and nutrition in the improvement of human health201510:45

Published: 7 October 2015

The original article was published in Genes & Nutrition 2015 10:39

Erratum to: Genes Nutr (2015) 10:39 DOI 10.1007/s12263-015-0490-2

In the original publication, the third author’s name was incomplete. The correct name of the third author should be Juan J. Aristizabal Henao.

The original article has been updated accordingly.


Authors’ Affiliations

Lipid Enzyme Discovery Lab, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo
Laboratory of Nutritional and Nutraceutical Research, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo


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