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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Genes & Nutrition is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-review journal for research on the relationship between nutrition and genomes, with the ultimate goal of improving human health and performance.

The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, commentaries, opinion pieces, study design papers, and special articles in the format of interviews.

This journal also serves as a forum for nutritionists, healthcare providers, and all those interested in diet and disease prevention or management. The following are examples of the specific areas that may be covered by the journal.

- The study of individual genetic differences in response to dietary components for disease and performance outcomes.
- The development of safe and effective diets for individuals or subgroups of the population on the basis of genotypic or phenotypic data.
- The effects of diet on the microbiome and the role of the microbiome in modifying response to diet.
- Diet-induced changes in the transcriptome that provide insights into underlying mechanisms.
- Genome wide association studies of nutrition-related outcomes. 
- The development and application of biomarkers using metabolomics and other approaches to assess diet exposure or study the impact of nutrition on health and performance.
- Systems biology and machine learning approaches to precision nutrition.
- Epigenetics and epigenomics to describe mechanisms by which nutrients and food bioactives impact disease development or performance outcomes
- Molecular mechanisms underlying the relationship between diet and development of chronic diseases.